UBC Women in Science



Women in Science Club
(University of British Columbia)

Finished Size
8" x 10.75"

UBC Women in science

The UBC Women in Science Club was founded to provide support to female undergraduate students in the various science programs. The club focuses on connecting people and students, building community and providing mentorship to young adults looking to work in the industry. 

This poster was a redesign of one of the club's annual networking events for assisting students with meeting alumni and furthering professional development. The overall layout of the design was changed so that the poster could draw attention from further away. In order to cut costs, the poster was also made at 0.25" smaller than a regular letter-sized sheet so that no finishing would be required to have the poster function at its peak. 



Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Indesign CC

October 1–4, 2016