The Drones Club



(Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

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The Drones Club

The Drones Club was designed as part of an assignment to create a website via Wordpress for a non-existing restaurant, complete with an About page, Contact page and downloadable menu.

Being a book lover, I knew I wanted to create a site for a fictional location and, being a huge fan of the inimitable P.G. Wodehouse, I decided to create a website based on the gentlemen's club based in his books, the Drones Club. With large banners featuring beautiful images and bold headings, I wanted to provide webpages that were simple and easy to read or view. To that end, I focused on the photography of the food first and the information second.

All of the text on the certain webpages and blog posts (with menu items named after well-known characters in Mr. Wodehouse's books, such as Bertie Wooster, Tuppy Glossop and Gussie Fink-Nottle) contain snippets of information and quotes by or about certain characters. If you are ever looking for a light, hilarious read, I can't recommend Mr. Wodehouse enough!



Adobe Photoshop CS6

September 1–19, 2016