Paper Crane Sushi




Finished Size
3.5" x 2"

Paper crane sushi

Part of a series of business cards I designed as print/design samples for a print store, this card was used to demonstrate to a client not only what kind of services we offered, but also to clarify what a card with bleed or no bleed would look like.  

This is one of the few cards I designed based on an actual existing business. For this card, I wanted a design that was very simple and basic, but still eye-catching. I was very unhappy with the initial design I had settled on for this card at first and eventually came back to rework it almost completely several months later. 

As a disclaimer, I have never visited Paper Crane Sushi or King City in Ontario and am in no way affiliated with them, nor was I asked to design this for them.



Adobe Photoshop CS6

June 2016