Hua Xin Florists




Finished Size
3.5" x 2"

HUa xin florists

Part of a series of business cards I designed as print/design samples for a print store, this card was used to demonstrate to a client not only what kind of services we offered, but also to clarify what a card with bleed or no bleed would look like.  

This particular card was designed for a florist in Singapore. While the business doesn't actually exist, it takes on the name of an old Mandarin song by popular singer Emil Zhou (otherwise known as Zhou Hua Jian), 花心 ("Hua Xin," literally "flower['s] heart").

I'm always pleasantly surprised when business cards break the norm of being horizontal and so decided to design this card with a vertical orientation instead. From my experience, I've noticed that there is a great sense of nostalgia for older, almost cult-classic Chinese songs (notably the songs of Theresa Teng/Deng Li Jun). With this song being one of them, I focused largely on the text and its visual representation so that the eye flows easily from the top to the secondary information below.



Adobe Photoshop CS6

June 2016